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Top 5 Slip and Fall Myths You Need To Know About

Slip and falls can lead to serious injuries like sprains or cuts, contusions, fractures, broken bones, and head injuries. This type of personal injury case can be misunderstood, so, if you've been in a slip-and-fall accident, it's important that you know all the facts.

Myth #1. If there is nothing broken or bleeding, then you don't have to go to a doctor.

After a slip and fall, most people feel so embarrassed that they just want to get out of the store. The adrenaline flowing through your body can mask injuries. Many people are able to feel normal the day of an accident but then wake up feeling like they were hit with a semi-truck the next morning. A slip and fall injury should be treated by a doctor. Sometimes, minor injuries to the head can cause temporary symptoms that can become more serious if they are not treated.

Myth #2. The Property Owner is Required To Pay Your Expenses

The property owner is only responsible for injuries resulting from their negligence. If the owner is responsible for your injuries, such as in an instance when you fall on recently mopped floors that weren't properly marked as slippery when wet, they may be held responsible. However, if your injuries are caused by running through an area clearly marked dangerous, the property owner may not be liable.

Myth #3. Claiming for slip and fall damages makes you greedy

Many people complain about the number of frivolous suits that are being filed regularly, however, a slip and fall claim can lead to serious injuries. If the property owner's negligence is to be blamed for your slip-and-fall, you should not be the one to bear the cost of lost wages and medical expenses.

Myth #4: A Quick Settlement Is Best For Both Parties

Many personal injury cases, including slip and fall, are settled outside of court. But, it doesn't necessarily mean that you should settle as quickly as possible. You may get a settlement offer very soon after an injury, but the insurance company could be using your anxiety over lost wages or medical expenses to make you accept a lower settlement than you might be entitled to.

Myth #5: You Do Not Need An Attorney

The insurance company and the property owner will have an experienced legal team protecting their interests. A personal injury attorney who specializes in representing victims of slip and falls accidents will ensure that your rights are upheld and maximize the settlement you receive.

An accident that results in a slip and fall can lead to serious injuries that could have a devastating impact on your life. Therefore, it’s important that you do not make any statements or take actions after the fall. This could impact the claim.

You or someone you're with should immediately notify the manager or property owner about your fall. A business will most likely compile an incident report. Request a copy of the incident report. You should ensure that the report includes all details. Keep calm and communicate only with the manager or property owner. Do not make statements that could be used against you later.

Call a Personal Injury Attorney

It is important to get in touch with an experienced personal injuries attorney immediately after a slip and fall accident. An attorney will be able to advise you on the next steps, help you preserve evidence, and negotiate your case. Elizabeth Hancock is a trusted personal injury attorney serving Louisiana and Texas, and has many years of experience in helping slip and fall victims. Call her today, at 318-841-1613 to set up a consultation.

Elizabeth A. Hancock

Call Attorney Elizabeth Hancock when you need effective legal representation after an accident. Attorney Hancock is a reputable personal injury and medical malpractice attorney at the firm of Morris and Dewett, LLC in Shreveport, Louisiana. She'll work tirelessly on your case to reach the best possible conclusion. Call her today to arrange a consultation.


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