Caddo Parish

Vehicle removed improperly from Tow Truck bed, rolled over plaintiff resulting in spinal surgery and permanent injury

$925,000 settlement

Caddo Parish

Distracted driver caused head-on collision resulting in two spinal surgeries

$775,000 settlement (claim outstanding against second carrier)

Bossier Parish

Trip and Fall on residential property resulting in broken ankle

$32,000 verdict

Concordia Parish

18-wheeler failed to stop at a stop sign resulting in permanent spinal injury

$730,000 settlement at mediation

Caddo Parish

Carwash malfunctioned resulting in multiple impact collision

$70,000 settlement at mediation

Caddo Parish

Rear-end collision with aggravation of pre-existing spinal condition

$299,000 Settlement

Caddo Parish

Rear-end on I-49 resulting in permanent cervical spinal injury

$1,272,548.37 Verdict

Caddo Parish

Oil field truck merged onto I-20 resulting in a rear-end collision; aggravation of pre-existing low back injury

$425,000 settlement

St. Landry Parish

Van driver ran into brick wall resulting in emergency spinal surgery

$306,000 settlement

Federal Southern District of Florida – Miam

Trip and Fall on Carnival Cruise Ship resulting in aggravation of pre-existing back injury 

$110,000 settlement

Caddo Parish

Passenger vehicle ran a stop sign T-boning oncoming traffic resulting in permanent spinal injury

$432,500 settlement

Caddo Parish

18-wheeler rear-end resulting in 6 car pile up on I-20

$305,000 settlement

Ouashita Parish

Ambulance ran a red light resulting in T-bone collision

$357,681.83 Verdict

Caddo Parish

Passenger vehicle ran a stop sign causing a T-bone rollover collision

$280,000 settlement

Webster Parish

FedEx Truck failed to yield at intersection causing T-bone collision resulting in cervical fusion

$275,000 Settlement

Panola County, TX

Log truck lost control and overturned resulting in 4 level spinal fractures, occipital facial fractures and broken collar bone

$300,000 settlement

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