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Louisiana Pothole Accidents: What Are The Dangers?

Some of the worst road conditions in the United States are found right here in Louisiana. This is very true in Shreveport where potholes are almost unavoidable. Many of the roads in Shreveport are bumpy and may result in damages to your vehicle putting a dent in your wallet.

Flat tires, punctured exhaust pipes, and other damage to your vehicle's body can be caused by potholes. According to the American Automobile Association, potholes result in approximately $3 billion annually in vehicle repairs.

Potholes can cause property damage as well as an accident that leaves pedestrians, cyclists, or drivers injured.

Pothole accidents can be dangerous for many reasons. These accidents are most common because of:

  • A driver loses control after hitting a pothole at high speed.
  • A pothole can cause the vehicle's impact to cause it to drift into another lane, resulting in an accident with other drivers or people traveling in the same direction.
  • A driver who causes a rear-end collision when he notices a pothole after stopping quickly to avoid hitting it.
  • Driving into deep potholes and getting your vehicle or wheel stuck.
  • After hitting a pothole, a cyclist is thrown from his bike.

Common injuries that victims may sustain after a pothole accident are head trauma, neck injury, spine damage, whiplash, and tailbone injuries. Broken and fractured bones are also possible.

Who is responsible for accidents caused by hazardous road conditions?

Poor road conditions in Louisiana are often caused by the weather. However, neglect can also play a significant role. Many roads are maintained and built by federal, state and city agencies. For the most part, these agencies have a reasonable amount of time to locate, inspect and repair road problems for motorists.

Many government agencies are exempt from being sued for damages. It is very difficult to get compensation for personal or property damages caused by dangerous roads. To be successful, the victim must show that (1) the poor road conditions caused the accident and/or injuries and (2) the responsible agency was negligent in maintaining or warning motorists about potential hazards. This can be a daunting task so make sure to speak with an experienced Louisiana personal injury attorney to make sure you get the rightful amount of compensation.

If another driver makes a wrong turn to avoid hitting potholes and collides with your car, you can sue the driver at fault. This is because drivers are required to use reasonable care and drive safely. They should be careful on roads that are dangerous and avoid accidents.

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Elizabeth A. Hancock

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