Personal Injury FAQ

Uninsured/Underinsured motorist insurance coverage is insurance you can purchase to protect you if you or members of your household are injured in an accident by a negligent driver with no insurance coverage or limited insurance coverage. Louisiana requires drivers to carry a $15,000.00 liability minimum which may not be sufficient to cover your medical bills.

Your injury may be worse than you realize. It is always best to consult a health care professional. If you don't document your pain, it is difficult to make a recovery for it.

Your lawyer will need to gather all relevant information to determine the value of your case. This process takes time and should not be hurried. Many factors need to be taken into consideration, such as, the type of injury, amount of medical expenses, and extent of pain and suffering, loss of enjoyment of life and scarring and disfigurement, will all be considered.

It is wise to refrain from speaking about your case to friends or the public. It is especially important to avoid talking to an insurance company, opposing attorney, or claims adjustor. If you have an attorney, you can refer anyone that is inquiring about your case to them. Recorded statements will be part of your case file.

It is in the insurance company's best interest to settle as quickly and minimally, as possible. Without expert legal advice, there is no way of knowing if a claims adjuster is trying to settle for less than it is worth. A good personal injury lawyer will try to work quickly without settling for less than the case is worth.

Any documentation related to your claim should be kept. You should hold on to a copy of your medical bills/co-payments, as well as, photos of your damaged vehicle, your injuries, the scene of the accident, and a copy of the accident report.

As long as you are experiencing pain from your injury, you should seek treatment from a medical professional. You should obtain treatment for your specific injuries. Treatment will vary based on the type and extent of your injuries. Even if you do not notice pain right away after an accident, it doesn’t hurt to be checked out by paramedics or your family doctor, as a precaution.

You will be the plaintiff in the lawsuit. The other driver will be the defendant. Both sides will have the opportunity to question all parties involved, including witnesses, the police officer the completed the report and any treating doctors. The goal of this is to learn as much as one can about your case. Most cases do not even make it to trial but are settled out of court. If either party is dissatisfied by the outcome of the trial they may pursue an appeal.

The firm handles all types of personal injury cases, including:

Car accidents, Truck accidents, Motorcycle accidents, Pedestrian accidents, Construction accidents, Oil Field accidents, Medical Malpractice and Premise liability (such as slip & fall, trip & fall, security negligence, dog bites, pool accidents, and others)

A standard personal injury claim is paid on a contingency fee basis. This means that the fee is only payable if the firm is successful in recovering compensation for you.

These claims can vary widely in how long it takes to get a settlement or verdict. It depends upon the severity of the case and your injuries, as well as, the willingness of the insurance company to negotiate. I take a proactive stance and ensure the case is always moving toward resolution. This has proven to be very effective.

A personal injury claim is an insurance claim or civil lawsuit filed by an individual who suffered an injury caused by the negligence of another entity, such as an individual, government entity or business.

Personal injury claims can also be filed on behalf of an individual who was killed due to an injury caused by another entity's negligence.

Louisiana has different statutes of limitations for different types of personal injury lawsuits. These statutes limit the amount of time for you to file a lawsuit. Once the statute for your case expires, you cannot bring a claim.

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