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What to do When Motorcycle Accidents Occur

In the United States, the latest data concerning motorcycle accidents revealed almost 90,000 collisions in 2017. The particular circumstances of riding motorcycles make injuries and accidents more prevalent, whether that be because of common blind spots or a lack of protection. Regardless of how an incident happens, many bikers are left searching for a motorcycle accident lawyer to help them navigate the complicated process of personal injury law.  

Attorney Elizabeth Hancock specializes in personal injury law and works with victims of motorcycle accidents every year. Although some incidents occur due to the motorcycle driver’s errors, many others are caused by larger cars neglecting to see bikes. In these cases, the motorcycle driver is not at fault and can receive compensation for injuries or damages. Elizabeth works hard to ensure that those who suffer get the support and justice they deserve.

Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents

Inevitably, riding motorcycles is riskier than traditional driving, but there are some common causes of collisions that drivers can anticipate:

Blind Spots & Left-Hand Turns

Motorcycles are small and mobile enough to remain in another driver’s blind spot, especially when cars change lanes, pass others, or make left-hand turns. When other vehicles aren’t paying attention and checking their blind spots, motorcycle accidents can happen. This type of collision accounts for over 40% of all incidents involving motorcycles

Lane Splitting

Lane splitting is when a motorcyclist maneuvers between rows of other vehicles that are slowly moving or stopped in traffic. In some states, lane splitting is unlawful, so if accidents occur due to this action, the motorcycle driver is responsible for any damages. However, even if it’s permitted, judges often blame both drivers because it’s a dangerous act.

Construction & Debris

Because motorcycles are smaller and less stable than cars, riding in construction zones with debris is particularly severe. Construction companies and local governments must provide adequate signage and safe passage for all vehicles or be at fault when motorcycles accidents happen. 

Speed & Impairment

Nearly half of all motorcycle accidents (specifically those involving just one driver) occur due to speed and alcohol use. If the collision results in injuries or damage, then the responsibility falls on the motorcycle driver. And even when there aren’t any damages, the driver could still be considered negligent or receive a DUI. However, speed, alcohol, and distracted driving from other vehicles can also harm you as a motorcycle driver.

When to Contact a Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

If you’re a motorcycle driver and suffered injuries or damages because of a collision, then you should contact a motorcycle accident attorney who can help you navigate personal injury law. As a personal injury attorney in Shreveport, LA, Elizabeth Hancock handles numerous cases of auto accidents each year. She’s passionate about fighting for those suffering from drunk, distracted, uninsured, and underinsured drivers. She’s also experienced in tackling accidents involving roadway defects or construction site debris. 

What to Look for in a Lawyer

Personal injury law can be complicated, so it’s imperative to find a motorcycle accident attorney who understands the intricacies of auto accidents, liability, and the like. 

  • An Investigator: You need someone who can investigate and develop your case. An attorney like Elizabeth Hancock can perform prompt and professional auto-accident investigations on your behalf while building a solid case to prove liability. 
  • Damages & Expenses: Personal injury attorneys and those experienced in auto accidents should also be able to consider all expenses involved, not just medical. Elizabeth knows what to look for when determining proper compensation and will make sure you receive every penny you deserve, even if that means taking your case to trial.
  • Finding Justice: Personal injury attorney Elizabeth Hancock is an expert in auto accidents. She also serves those involved in collisions with cars, commercial vehicles, bicyclists, pedestrians, and more. But what she’s most passionate about is finding justice for victims of negligence. You need a dedicated motorcycle accident lawyer who will fight for you, from start to finish.

Seek Justice with Personal Injury Law

The bottom line is this: always seek justice when you’re injured or suffer damages while in an accident. You may not realize what compensation you deserve until you speak to an experienced motorcycle accident attorney. If you’re searching for a personal injury attorney in Shreveport, LA, contact Elizabeth Hancock to learn more about your case and the justice you deserve. 

Elizabeth A. Hancock

Call Attorney Elizabeth Hancock when you need effective legal representation after an accident. Attorney Hancock is a reputable personal injury and medical malpractice attorney at the firm of Morris and Dewett, LLC in Shreveport, Louisiana. She'll work tirelessly on your case to reach the best possible conclusion. Call her today to arrange a consultation.


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